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  • To EDUCATE the public on trapping

  • To PROMOTE the humane harvesting of furbearers

  • To PROVIDE informative booths for the public to increase their knowledge of trapping and the heritage that has been built over 200 years.
Kansas Fur Harvesters Association, Inc. is a nonprofit organization 
which has been active across the state for over 30 years.  
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​49th Annual Convention
October 7th & 8th 2022
Yates Center, KS
Congratulations Tiffany McCraffrey,  Miss Rodeo Kansas 2020-2021!

You are representing us well with your gorgeous coyote coat we presented to you. 
The Kansas Fur Harvesters Association is honored to be inducted into the Miss Rodeo Kansas Pageant Hall of Fame as a 2019 inductee. WR Brecheisen accepted the award during the Miss Rodeo Kansas Pageant in Dodge City, KS.