Contact Information: Bill Wilgers, Awards Committee Chairman - phone (785) 692-4380

Pioneer Award

a. A member who attends 80% to 90% off annual meetings.

b. A member who has been a member for at least 25 years.

c. And a member who is in good standings in the KFHA, Inc.

Service Award

a. Someone who has done service or work for the KFHA, Inc. for several years.

b. Or someone who has done outstanding work to make the KFHA, Inc. better.

c. This person should have committed to different committees and completed said committees.

Contribution Award

a. Someone who has given money on a regular basis or has made a contribution of items that has made large monetary gain to the association.

b. This person does not have to be a member.

Hall of Fame Award

a. Must be a member in good standing in the KFHA, Inc.

b. Must have fulfilled most or all of the fore-mentioned qualifications. (could be deceased)
Roger Macy, Awards Committee Chairman (785) 346-2076
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